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HR MEET 2012

BITM ORGANIZES 8th NATIONAL HR MEET 2012: "Connect. Engage. Grow"

HR Meet
Mr. Arun Sehgal, Director-HR, GSK Consumer Healthcare and Dr.Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian, President, Sri Balaji Society, Pune lighting the lamp at the inauguration ceremony.

8th Sept 2012, Pune: Sri Balaji Society, Pune's Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management (BITM) recently organized the highly prestigious National HR MEET 2012 with the theme 'Connect. Engage. Grow', as a part of the corporate interface programme.

While addressing around thousand students collectively, from the four management institutes of the society, namely - Balaji Institute of Telecom and Management (BITM), Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM), Balaji Institute of International Business (BIIB) and Balaji Institute of Management & Human Resource Development (BIMHRD), speakers highlighted the growing importance of HR as a key business partner, with special emphasis on the Telecom Industry.

It was an august gathering of about twenty three corporate stalwarts from leading industries across India. The top Industry leaders who enlightened the students on this occasion were (in alphabetical order):

1 Mr. Abhijeet Bhattachrya, Senior Manager HR, ICICI Bank
2 Mr. Anshuman Ray, Director HR, Synopsys India Pvt. Ltd.
3 Mr. Arjun Shahani , Managing Director, Armstrong World Industries
4 Mr. Arun Sehgal, Director HR, GSK Consumer Healthcare
5 Mr. Balasubramanian V, Senior Vice President, KEC International
6 Mr. Govindaraj Ramachandran, Head Staffing & Talent Management, Avaya India
7 Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director , Su-Kam Power Systems
8 Ms. Leena Deshpande, Associate VP-HR, Bharat Forge
9 Mr. Maclean S Raphael, Vice President HR, 3M India Ltd.
10 Mr. Murlidhar Shyam, Head-HR, ATC Tower Company
11 Mr. Nimish Gupta, Associate VP- Training, Mahindra Satyam
12 Mr. Prabodh Sirur, Head Talent Management & Employee Engagement, Logica
13 Mr. Pradeep Menon, Chief Executive Officer, WTH Vloerverwarming & - Koeling
14 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Purushottam, Head People – Excellence, Sterlite Technologies Ltd.
15 Mr. Reji Thomas Cherian , Vice President-Telecom Media Entertainment, Capgemini Consulting
16 Mr. Sandip Biswas, Director Tech,Media & Telecom-Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting
17 Mr.  Sanjay Lulla, Director - Global Services (India & SAARC), EMC2

Mr. Saurabh Pande, Vice President Operations, Indus Towers Ltd.

19 Dr. Shambhavi Sharma,  Director - HR APAC, Redknee India Tech. Pvt.Ltd.
20 Mr. Shubhendu Kumar, Head - Talent Development  & Nurturing, Viom Networks Ltd.
21 Mr. Subir Verma, Talent Acquisition Head - India Region, Tata Communications Ltd.
22 Mr. TarunKatyal, Director- HR , SistemaShyam Teleservices
23 Mr. Venkatanarayanan R, President - HR, IT & Education, Rane Group
24 Mr. Yashwant Bhaid, General Manager- HR , Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

In today’s economic uncertainty, Leaders not only face the shortage of skilled talent but also face the challenge of managing the fast changing Demographics as well psychographics of the work force. Moreover, leaders are also challenged by the pressures of operating in a global marketplace.  The eminent speakers shared their views with the participants through interactive sessions on how today’s successful organizations connect, engage and grow.

Mr. Sandip Biswas , was the Chief Guest on day one. He talked about the difference between the Brawn age and the Brain age. Brain age is today’s age and is all about mental strength. Unlike Brawn age, Brain age supports technology driven economy. Mr. Biswas laid stress on e-Learning as tomorrow’s technology. He said he believes in technology based learning. He concluded  his speech by saying, “today we need action as well as thought leaders”.

Chief Guest of day two was Mr. Arun Sehgal, Director – Human Resource, Indian Sub-continent, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. He gave six mantras to become a successful CEO: Think big, Dream big; Create ideas first in your mind and then turn them to reality, Learn through experiences and as you think, so you become; Prioritize; Do multiple things but in sequence as It helps to concentrate and hence one can focus; Consistent execution/delivery;  Be a communicator;  Integrity;  Courage to take decision under adversity – most difficult to incur but makes all the difference.  

Mr. Raphael's way of delivering speech was very interesting. He used stories to impart various values he has learned in his long career and those values they practice in 3M. He  ended his speech by sharing two very valuable thoughts with the student managers that, “Be a leader and a team player” and “Have a dream”.

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev, CEO & Founder, SuKam Power Systems Ltd. Delievered his speech in a very different and interesting way. His bindaas and desi guy style stole the show.In a very casual way he shared his experience of creation of SuKam Power Systems Ltd.

Mr. Reji Thomas Cherian, Vice President – Telecom, Medi, Entertainment [TEM], Capgemini Consulting spoke about the leadership qualities one should have to excel as a manager. He started off by sharing with student managers about the Telecom industry and the recent trends and the challenges in the industry. He said that there is a need to prepare the industry to meet the challenges for which budding talent is required. He said, “leaders are made, and not born”.

Mr. Subir Verma, Head Talent Acquisition, , Corporate HR and TA Head (India, Srilanka, MENA, Global Projects) of Tata Communications talked about the global HR challenges and opportunities ahead. He gave 4 important Ps in HR: People, Pride, Process and Paisa.

Mr. Ramachandran, Head Staffing & Talent Management, Avaya India, defined employee engagement as the measurable degree of emotional attachment. He also talked about the importance of focus of an organization on employee engagement. He taught about engaged and actively disengaged employees and said that the ratio of both in a world class organization is 9.57:1 and in an average organization is 1.83:1.He stated that in any organization, engaged employees should be the focus. And gave five important keys to engage an employee which any leader or a manager should follow: Know them; Grow them; Inspire them; Involve them and Reward them.

Mr. Murlidhar Shyam, Head-HR, ATC Tower Company, called today's generation as generation Z which he feels is ready to be launched in 2020. He gave the audience an important mantra, you have to be problem solver and not problem creator.

Mr. Sirur, Head of Talent Management & Employee Engagement, Logica, Mr. Sirur's speech revolved around the passion one can have and he explained this by telling his personal experience of developing new passion and working on it dedicatedly. His story gave a strong message that age is not the factor to decide the passion, what matters is, how you follow it dedicatedly.

In the beginning the President of Sri Balaji Society, Pune Dr.(Col.) A Balasubramanian welcomed all the guests.

HR Meet @ BITM

(31st Aug. to 2nd Sept. 2012)


Admission for Year 2018-20 Batch

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Admission for Year 2018-20 Batch

Common Admission Process for BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD, In 34 Centers All Over India.

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